We create experiences that provide freedom from the mundane through our products, events, and online journal.

etre is a creative collective that encourages introspection through all types of artistry. In essence, we press towards capturing the shared experience of  the human condition, offering ourselves and our subscribers a new way to conceive of and appreciate the richness of life.

Our mission is three-fold; not only do we curate powerful content for the viewing pleasure of our audience, but through this process we facilitate the exposure of budding artists and unite the divided creative community.

In doing so, we build platforms that simplify the process of connecting talented and sometimes undiscovered artists, in a range of mediums, with art patrons. Our skilled and inventive contributors come from all across the globe.

If you’re interested in submitting work or collaborating with us don’t be shy, get in touch (hello@eternalremedy.com).

After all, we are a place where you can just be (etre—French for “to be”).

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