Curb your Enthusiasm

Life wants to be lived. It wants to grow deeper and wider. It wants to be felt in your inward parts and find its expression in everything you do. It wants to run freely through all that you are and you should let it.

Do things with a little life and you’ll feel strong and passionate. Such feelings are like rivers flowing where they can; they’re like trees too, taking root and growing where they are allowed. Enthusiasm is the subsistence of life. In any moment of enthusiasm, you’ll get lost in sights, sounds, smell and general feeling because you have become one with the moment.


In times such as these you’ll reject the truth of Silenus which essentially posits that nonexistence is better than existence; that death is better than life.

Therefore, enthusiasm is required of you if pleasure is to be found in this life. And you must learn to master it and call upon its service at moments of your choosing. It takes skill to do this, thus practice is needed.unnamed

I recommend reading or learning about something you’re interested in for at least 20 minutes a day. Note the feeling as enthusiasm naturally takes over. Seek to replicate this feeling in every task by concentrating fully and doing things to the best of your abilities.

Master this and your life will be filled with fervency. With fervency obstacles seem smaller and less consequential as fear is hardly seen through the eyes of the passionate. Speak to any successful person and they’ll testify of the need for passion and offer up praises in its citadel.


by Mark Hutchinson // featuring artwork from Alicia Krawchuk // feature image by Alicia Krawchuk


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Mark Hutchinson

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