A Gift From You to You

Graphic 4I’ve been searching for something that lasts. To receive or give a gift that promises more than temporary. Something  that can be cherished and cares to stay a while. I pride myself in that kind of thing, having an excellent head of hair and things that want to stay. To each his own.

You understand what it’s like going through the labours of day-to-day living, doing whatever it is that you do. It’s exhausting. I for one am a dedicated member of the “Reward Yourself” club, I’ve even rewarded myself for that.

This inclination brought me to the city streets on a Friday night. The glorious town, the hub of life and the stench of death. I just got paid you see, pockets were full of potential. I’m sure you are also aware by now that the pain is not cheap.Graphic 3There I was, posted on the street corner looking like a combination of George Clooney and Hairspray the movie, leather jacket zipped up and my left leg up on the wall. Feeling myself.

 A homeless man with all the audacity of a Jehovah’s witnesses at diner time interrupted my bubble of good aura with his hunger complaints. Of all the crimes against humanity. I stood there and we locked eyes and I maintained my blue steel, but I saw something  in that face that frightened me.

A haunting inclination erupted, and spread throughout me with frightening strength and pace. Like that of the unsettled insides of a college student from an ambitious night with the party potion. In a sickness of moral vomit I found myself purchasing a meal for this man, with dipping sauce. With dipping sauce! As I walked over to him and handed him the food, an even more inexplicable sensation came over me.  Pleasure. The Serotonin mixed with sugar and Naomi Campbell type.

Just the gift I needed. What I guess I’m trying to say is, random acts of kindness, the perfect gift from you to you. I swear customer satisfaction guaranteed, I’d put my hair on it.



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