A method of inquiry

The mind tends to want to make a symphony of unrelated sounds and a picture of unrelated scenes. This is its plight, its flaw. It not only seeks to understand things that it can’t but when no answer is forth coming it will make up its own. Then once it forms its own answer, it spends the rest of its energy resisting any information contrary to the said answer. It’s terrible what a mind will do if allowed.
It is up to us, then, to take control of it and focus it towards truth and other constituents of happiness. I will not pretend that this is an easy task for I have been practising for years and I still find the truth elusive a lot of times, though to be fair, it is in these times that I fall short using the mind correctly. The method is simple to understand, works in almost every situation, and although most people know it, a lot do not put it in to practice. The method is as follows:
1. Form an hypothesis based on the information you have
2. Test the hypothesis with all the tools at your disposal
3. Re-test the hypothesis to validate results
4. Ask as many other as possible to test your hypothesis
5. Believe nothing unless it is verified by the results of this method.
Like all other skills, mastery of this method takes practice and lots of it, so the sooner one starts, the better.


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