A spirited romance

Title 2

I’ve fallen in love with a former enemy. She hugs me in silence as I put pen to paper in her honor and I’m so blissful in her arms. It’s quite curious that she and I are now writing a spirited romance for much of my life was spent musing over ways to kill her. My hate for her was wild, strong, close to palpability, and heavily so.

But be careful of the enemies you write off when you’re young for they have a way of becoming your closest friends. And to the letter, she has become a dear friend; a woman after my own heart.  Her name is Suffering, some call her Pain and we all have to pay dues to her. From her enemies she requires a pound of flesh cut from their murmuring hearts, but from her friends she only requires the good sense to learn from mistakes.

And that’s what I’ve been doing since that day when I fell for her. It took a bit of practice to love her properly, but I think I’ve gotten it down to an exact science. First, I had to accept her and myself fully. She doesn’t allow me to live in denial, and that requires all the honesty I can give. She’s the type of lady that’s easy to deny knowing, but hard to forget. I guess that’s why most people hate her. She’s a paradox, but I digress.

Next, I had to learn to allow her to speak without any interruption. She usually isn’t commanding in her demeanour, she’ll often allow herself to be spoken over, but she’s extensively vindictive and her wrath is apprehensively terrible. If she’s not given the attention she requires, she’ll make fire and brimstone rain down in the heart of her suitor. Yes, she’s an unforgiving bitch in these moments.

Thirdly, I’ve had to read books about her and other people who have dealt with her successfully. Even though I know her well, the testimonies of others have allowed me to establish a citadel of confidence and strength. And it takes abounding strength love to her.

What about you? Why not find a lover named Suffering and commence the writing of lovely romance.


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