An Impossible View.

I left paradise.  I didn’t bring any baggage with me, I left it all there.  You followed me, I hope. Regardless I’m in the desert now. My lips are parched and cracked, but still I sing songs of my redemption. My knees are weak and tired, but I march on.  On and on, further than I’ve ever been.

I rose from the ashes of my charred past. I chose to, I chose to choose.  My illness had caused me a lifetime of arrested development, I needed treatment.  Inoculate me Doc, and I want unmitigated immunity. Cure me from life’s feasts and famines.

Here in the desert my eyes delude me, they tease me with pleasures from my past in paradise. Even my tongue is tired; worn from the taste of sweet nostalgia, out here in this bitter desert.  My heart is strong however, and he reminds me not to look back, because it is an impossible view.

I am leaning on the rock, but dam near close to falling flat. Something’s got to give here in this barren land, either my life or my weakness. Every breath is on purpose now.

I’m not going back. No, I’m not going backwards. Yesterday is finally falling from my aching shoulders. Although still crippled from my past plights, I feel strong.  I no longer see with my eyes, and I see things much bigger now with each step, the journey inward, the fight, and the war.  I and I swing swords on the same side.

Reader the veil is gone. No…no I am definitely not going backwards…

Read on if you would like to know more about the desert I now travel.

I hope to see you there. Bring your friends with you. 


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