You’ve been lying to yourself, tirelessly running around in this banal rat race. You’re pursuit of happiness is an exercise in futility. For you to be truly comfortable with such a life is impossible. You’ve tried to find true happiness, but it never commits. I’m going to tell you what you want, but correct me if I’m wrong. What you want is something deeper, much deeper- something which promises to be with you always. What you want is peace everlasting. You want yourself, a stronger self. You knew this all along, and perhaps without realizing it, that authentic satisfaction can only come from within. Irony is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? You’ve been spending all this time and energy looking outside yourself, for the thing that is located within yourself.

Choosing to choose self-discovery is a little difficult. It’s like deciding to go for a run. The hard part is getting up and going for the run, not running. Let’s decide to run away from unnecessary struggle; away from anything that opposes a life well lived.  Cease to be victims. Let us put aside the hurt, pain and negative emotions that would so easily beset us. There is an epidemic of grief, running rampant in our culture. Look around you, look in the mirror. Are you happy with what you see? If you’re not, I promise you that there is only one cure and it’s you. You are and forever will be the only remedy. Beneath your coating of anxiety and regret lies something that not only wants to survive, it wants to be ceaselessly happy. It wants you to stop gasping for air and to commence breathing.

The pieces are aimed at helping you take the steps to eternal breathe by engaging in the greatest of all human projects – finding the authentic self. It is hoped that the writings here will take you on a pleasurable excursion into you – one of faith and love. At the end of this journey, may it be understood clearly and saliently that life is just a ride, one disgustingly beautiful ride.

Take a dose of the remedy.


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