And the choirs in my head got quiet…

It’s night-time and the stars are out playing their usual cosmic game. Set in motion by a strange blend of fate and chance, they go about their usual astrological duty. I observe them and find that as much as I need to be healthy, they need to be beautiful. From where I am, they all appear like celestial plebeians, but I’m sure each is desperately unique and expressively so. The hour passes smoothly as I gaze contemplatively. Crickets make their expected noise – dogs too. And occasionally a human voice is heard. All seems to be going well in the theatre of life. But still my mind refuses rest, it still wrestles with anxiety.



But something is changing; a stirring is on the inside. There’s a call come ringing over my restless fears. I hear it over these roaring thoughts. Distinctly, though gently, it intrudes and I’m thankful. It is the voice of life calling me to live before I die. This is no surprise, though; I’ve heard it before and documented what it said. Nevertheless, I hear it calling again and this time it asks for something specific. It wants me to stop listening to the choirs in my head.

I do what is asked; my breathing slows and everything about me has become cool. Tension evaporates and I’m relaxed and only getting more relaxed. Stillness protrudes; my focus goes into my body. It’s peaceful in there. I can feel the warmth in my hands and feet, and I feel my stomach expanding as I breathe softly. I also feel my heart beating strong and unfettered.

tumblr_niywr1INrn1tmpj0qo1_r1_1280I don’t feel worried anymore, and I presume my fears are gone for the night. In this state of mind, I notice that I feel a deep sense of love for everybody. I feel human, all too human. And I wish to share this feeling with world; I wish that from my seat of meditation I could send arcs of light and love to all hearts, but I can’t, I’ll never be able to. All I can do is point people inwards and hope that they’ll look without judgement or fear.

Look inwards, my friends, and repress nothing!

by Mark Hutchinson

Featuring artwork from Wellington Sanipe


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