Asphalt Confessional

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“You cannot fill a cup that is already full”-Mo’at, the Omaticaya’s spiritual leader

A couple of years ago, in an attempt to get fit, I took up running. So, in a surge of motivation one fateful day in August, I decided to go for a run in between my night shifts. I was feeling fabulous; my earbuds were in and I was in the zone, race-pacing to some dub-step. About 1.5km in, as I was crossing the street between trails, I was clipped by a cab. That moment was both the fastest and slowest thing that ever happened to me. As I lay sprawled out in the middle of the road like a black, raggedy Anne doll, I encountered my “Bodhi tree,” my place of enlightenment


This life is FAST. We are always running towards (or away from) something. Contrary to popular belief, life is not a treadmill. Oh no, that would be way too easy. You see, a treadmill is predictable. You can slow it down or speed it up. You can decide to challenge yourself when needed or cruise when you’re feeling tired. Treadmills have handles conveniently placed for stability and comfort. There’s a place to plug in your headphones to watch TV or listen to music to provide you with a suitable distraction from the work you’re putting in. There’s even a handy dandy spot to put your water bottle. AMAZING! But let me break it to you, LIFE AIN’T NO TREADMILL. Life is an ultra-freaking-marathon. It’s a weird and wacky naturally and unnaturally occurring phenomena. It’s the Swiss Alps, the Mojave dessert and the Brazilian rain-forest wrapped up in barbed wire and shards of glass. It is unpredictable, relentless and in a perpetual state of inertia. But, do not be disheartened, friends. You have been equipped with the best survival tool kit known to man…your MIND. The mind is divine perfection. You know not the power you posses between those goofy ears of yours. All those neurons are in hyper-drive propelling you through this beautiful disaster we call life. Be mindFULL.

The impact of steel on bone was my only warning and indicator that I had been hit. There was a moment of pure, adulterated silence. Peace. The world stood still. My senses were completely shut off and my mind was in a indistinguishable haze. Then and only then could I hear the universe speak. My mind’s eye finally opened; heart and head were one, united in a single cause. The first lesson in being mindful is to purge. At this point one must detoxify themselves of all prejudices, fears and doubts. Give birth to new life and release the afterbirth of negativity. All negative emotions must be burned in purifying fire, cleansed in an ocean of clarity and voted off of your mind’s island. Once you are empty, then you’re open.

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Allow the universe to replace all your emotional electrolytes so that you may once again be in a state of homeostasis. Become a blank canvas. The universe will then proceed to create the “Picasso” that will become your new life. Be bright and vibrant; be rich tangerines and opulent jades. Be sapphire blue and majestic magenta. Be sunflower yellows and fire engine reds. Be LIGHT. Breathe in peace, taste victory, hear only joyful tones and only touch that which is downy soft. Feel EVERYTHING. Be in that moment. Do NOTHING.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

Once you have been reborn, go forth, brand new and create life. See the world in 4D vision. The completion of this transformation is to then become the catalyst to another’s rebirth. Nurture a larva and watch it spin its cocoon. Love on it until it emerges with vibrancy. LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe. To give love is to create life. Love yourself to life. Love others into life. This process creates and recreates.

04On your trail run of life, it won’t be if you get hit by a car, it’s when. You will be knocked down. That’s the essence of this life. Nonetheless, when you are hit, take a moment before you get up. Press pause. Take inventory of the experience, empty yourself and proceed with the process of refilling and refueling. Then be the fire that lights up your world, brings warmth and new life. Oh…and always look both ways before you cross the street…TWICE.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” -Buddha

by @e_marie83

artwork by Natacha Palay

photo by Yasmin Al-Samarrai


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