Be A Soldier


you’re one hell of a person and I’m sure you know it. You help everyone, and you do everything you can.
You walk all those extra miles each day, and you weep for every bad word they say about me.

I admire all of it, babe. I admire the flexing of your muscles when you dig a well at our old neighbour’s backyard. I watch as you wait for hours before our little ones wake up again, and cradle them.
I see your sweat and I see your tears.

But honey, I also sense the heavy breathing as you lie beside me, your face buried in the shadows of my hair. I feel how discontented you are, I can feel the emotions of self loathing in your touch.


Your lips speak more of my pleasure than yours as they kiss the nape of my neck, and my bones can’t bear it anymore.

I know you care, and I know you don’t want to but I know your heart isn’t here. Your spirit is on those grounds where your brothers are fighting for our mud, and you want to share your blood in the welfare of this nation as well.


I know you came back for us and I know you’d say you’re happy here.
I know you’re not.

As I sum up this letter, I see the dreams you hold behind those tightly shut eyelids.

Walk, my love, walk bravely and do what you want and what you were born to do.
Be a soldier.




by Oshee Johri  // Artwork by Natacha Palay


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