Better Days

Far way back when sometime

the soil was fertile

and words were verdant,

feelings limpid and young,


every thing

was in motion

strolling sprinting skipping

on its way to now,


modern times make us rueful for

when we were roofless

steel grey sky

plaster walls


not even mold, grows –


it seems neither

do we, we

look shorter

stunted each generation



we beg

take us back

rewind rewind

recant recant

our memories twist

into protean prayers,


we dive

we drown

in a sea of

nacreous visions;

deep bluemotherearthlovedeep blue

Once upon a time ago long before

people were content

holding hands

but now everyone

is always just fucking,


morals have disintegrated

into mere morsels

we lick clean our plates

poverty stricken

we’ve eaten God in desperation,

tell me that is not so;


sprinkle in politics

swirl in religion

origin stories



recall remember

lament long for

past periods when

natural laws absent,

the grass never browned.


by A. Lee | featuring artwork from Alicia Krawchuk  | Featured Image by Alexandra Pelletier






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