Break the Chains

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There is consequence in becoming something.  

In choosing self-discovery you will glow. You become an exception to the  mainstream, and being unique is luminous.  As we are reminded in the summertime, critters are attracted to the light.

You now represent something far greater than you. You are the snowflake to the avalanche of change, and just as conjoined to the associated fear. Change can be an uncomfortable phenomenon and is often shunned by the people. They will resent you because you are no longer what you were. Whether the change was positive or negative is irrelevant, what you are now, is seen as threatening.  Being conditioned to survive, they’ll try to eliminate the threat.

They will hate seeing you shine above them because it will in turn remind them of where they are. They will try to bring you down in response. Please forgive them, it’s in their nature.

Break the chains. Graphic 4 (1)

They cannot bring you to their level unless they have something to grab on to.  What’s even better is that you’re already holding the axe that will cut you free from the restraints of validation. In seeking approval, you sign the deed of your wellbeing away to those who will never understand how precious a gift it is. Make your achievements your own, and their effects will linger around forever. Do not put your peace in that cage.

Whatever step you have taken toward finding yourself is truth. What is true is your lifestyle, the manner in which you live. There can be no confirmation of this from anywhere outside you, the subject.  You are not up for discussion.

All these years you have been a close neighbour to happiness. You will understand just how close when you accept what it really means to live truth.  Your empty words, looking to be sustained with agreement, will die off. You will find your mouth   occupied with life’s most cogent weapon, a smile. We all know those cut deep.

Feel the power.  

Graphic 2 (1)

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  1. You know what’s interesting in self discovery? Finding the key components to your emotional character. In that, you can discover what you can give to the world, in response to what it has given you. I have found that some of those old traits used in boring English novels are some of the ones we are lacking in this society. Not the whole ultra conservative lifestyle ones. The books that discuss traits like kindness, gentleness, passion, and generosity. The world could use these. Every day people need these.
    And most of the time, it starts with a smile.
    Thank you for feeding my brain.

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