Common Ground


To start, let’s make a radical but cliche assumption: much too often, we’re made to discard our spiritual needs because of economic and social pressure. It’s a problem that has been observed and reported on throughout history and as such it can be said to be apart of the human condition. If so, it is enduring and shared by many. That is to say, no one is above facing this dilemma, and since it primarily concerns the soul, our inner subjective worlds, it stands in the way of a life well lived. Coming to this truth leaves one with an existential choice. We must decide how we are to proceed with our lives. The choice, in essence, is to either take the safe and secure path already set before us, or to take an individual and creative approach to living. Choosing as individuals is our common ground.

If we like, we’ll suffer. If we love, we’ll suffer, If we don’t love or like, we’ll suffer. If by mistake, we get inspired–giddy-headed–and go galloping after our dreams and desires, we’ll suffer. If like cowards, we manage to silence and tame what’s in our hearts, we’ll suffer. It’s no wonder that some people prefer to fumble and tumble through life with their eyes closed, all the time being led by whichever willing master. “It’s all too confusing to think about,” they say. Although, as you may have already guessed, they too will suffer.


We are a creative hub urging you to fall in love with the fullness of who you are, a platform for introspection through all types of artistry. In essence, then, we press towards capturing the shared experience of the human condition with the appropriate blend of charm and raw honesty, offering ourselves and our subscribers a new way to conceive of and appreciate the richness of life, including even its tragedies.