Dust and Decay

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And your words were a burning bush. Tonight they spoke in the desert .  “Live,” you screamed. Tomorrow is too late. Shed this darkness and push, oh for glory’s sake push until you die. Cry. Be a man and cry. Let your light shine and your love kill you. Then leap, the net will come. Seek substance, cherish substance.  Touch it and be touched.

Graphic 2 Feel it all and think nothing of it. Let it be.

We are mortals, just flesh and blood. Weak and naked, and the rest is an illusion. We leave here having made more mess.  Decaying bodies and rotting souls, we live upside down. Toiling about the ground from curse, when we were blessed to grow.

 Don’t lean on friends don’t fall to foes, step light with direction. None of it’s real. Live as a dream. When that heaven lives within you, you’ll see it all around you, the places you will go.

Father Time has us bound and gagged. You must focus, for there is a window of light. Be sharp, be vulnerable, and you will be cut free.

Melt into the ocean that connects us man. Drift into the sun.

This world in opposites with no black and white. Smash all your mirrors and shed the weight of their gaze. Move in quiet, and lift every voice.

Graphic 1Be reminded of your lamp and don’t grow tired of this cave.


And the flame burned out and the sun remained.

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