Everybody Loses

The thing about the human heart (the emotional center, not the organ) is that it is infinite in its depth. When you feel as though you have nothing left to give, it’s simply not true.



You may feel hurt, robbed, or exhausted, but in time you heal. You can dig deeper, and there is no limit to that reach. There is always more room. There is always something to give of yourself. When there isn’t, so marks the official end of life, even if the biological body continues. Dark cells matter  proliferates without the glow of a soul.


But I made myself vulnerable! you plead. Permission to cease love not granted because then nobody wins.


It’s just that to love, we must make ourselves vulnerable. And while vulnerability seems emotionally expensive, it isn’t with the right people. Part of our experience is learning who we can invest our love in, and none of us choose wisely all the time. Sometimes it’s impossible to know better. To love with grace is mostly about the way you handle the love you’ve given out when it has been disrespected, belittled, devalued, or flat-out rejected. If you can interpret that event as bringing you back to the baseline to start again, instead of counting it as a loss, then you are already prepared to try it with a more suitable, emotionally intelligent human.

When someone throws it on the ground, you pick it right back up and tuck it in your pocket, shielding its warmth. It is ready for someone else. This is far better than deciding it is dead and burying it where it was thrown. Then no one else can reach it,  and you too have lost it. Everybody loses.


It takes so much out of us every time it happens, but we must continue. I’m so fucking tired.

She Through Her Tears

Yours is a strong and resilient spirit. I know this because you are still here. You are not a rock that has merely withstood the test of time. You are a growing, adapting, evolving human and with every disappointment, you get stronger and stronger for the people who need you most.

That’s what love is. Being strength for the ones who need it.


By  Brett Walker // featuring photography from Aubrey Llamas





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