Go Inside The Asylum

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Go inside the asylum,
Where flesh rots away.
You’ll want to find a way out.
They’ll tell you drugs are the only escape,
But happiness wasn’t meant to be chemical.
Like love was never meant to be a metaphor.

We want more.
More than days in a hungover mindset.
We want more. 
More than memories we spend our lives trying to forget,
All for fear or regret.

Or admit that you are dead. 
Go inside the asylum,
You’re not awake yet. 


There are tiny lights, 
Escaping your lips.
Those words of life you spoke,
Now lighting some of your darkness,
Your heart is like cracked concrete.
Oh, you need to concentrate,
If you want to be free.
You’ll need to do far more than just hide away. 

Go inside the asylum.
There are things waiting for you.
Once you’re inside,
It’s your choice what you’ll do.
A brush with the devil will strengthen your spine,
Keep standing and you’ll be fine.
Keep your head,
Oh precious one.
Prove to the world that you’re not the crazy one.

Go inside the asylum,
See what media tries to disguise.
See people tearing away their flesh,
People determined to starve to death.
People trying to die,
When they’ve been given precious life.
The ladies in white, shoving pills down their throats,
Pumping their veins full of poison but calling it hope.


Go inside the asylum,
See what it’s really like inside.
Maybe then you’ll want more,
More than rebellion and resentment,
More than freedom and enlightenment.

Go inside.
Stay a while.
Flesh rots in there, smell it in the air,
You’re sane, and they know it.
You’re okay, but they’ll try to disprove it.

This worlds an asylum,
Learn to live and survive.
Maybe your sanity will save a life.

by AshleyAnne | Art by Michael Dallacosta ( 1st) and Janelle Rainer (2nd)| Featured image by Krystal Fu


Ashley Anne

Raw. Hopeful. Broken. Healing. I am unashamed of my humanity.