I Get Lonely Too

Too often we are reminded of the bounds of our humanity.  Awakened from the peaceful rest of the good times, a brash whisper that reminds us how fragile we are.  Over time we’ve become a people so weathered and jaded by the perplexities of living. We try to busy ourselves, doing things, digging through this darkness. But there are quiet times.  The volume inside your head reaches deafening heights and midst the noise, you cry out to deaf ears. I hear you though. I get lonely too.

Your motivations run thin, and your faith is strained. Trapped in a role with scripts we’ve seen before and words that are not our own. You wonder what it all really means. Here we are, enclosed in a cyclone of despair from doubt.  Deep in the center of it all, while uncertainty swirls around us, we will find each other.  In the great void we find each other.

All around you there is a culture that practices external disconnect, in search of an internal connection. Social media teaches us that we need to tell others what our lives are like, instead of including people in them. These are times where you are encouraged to document events instead of living them. Technology gives us the luxury to talk to each other from any distance, and consequently there is no need to be close. We are lost, lost and alone.

You crave intimacy.  The current nature of relationships is turning us into objects, groped instead of touched.

In this social climate, working towards finding yourself is paramount.  In self-discovery you raise yourself up. Only by taking that step can you raise others up as well.  This is how you create real connections, and the only way you will truly feel connected. When you decide to work hard at becoming who you are, you gain the strength to pull others along with you.  The reverse has opposite effect as well. Every time you choose comfort over strain, settling over achievement, you do an injustice far greater than your eyes will ever reach.

This week as you get the urge to submit to weakness, whether it be physically or mentally, remember all the people you are letting down. Carry on soldier, and feel the power. 


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