Imagen de Yagul


Beyond the rasp of distilled camphor, there is no going back


Likewise, when led through Havana, left is right

right is left and the other way round

you could walk into a street fair, a harmony

of columns or a sculpture, swathed in ribbon



Let’s have fun in the sun

Let’s see more of that face

Severely pollen-limited

they defoliate, stunned


it rains heavy here too

though no one else sees it



Out of a desire

to be sexy or articulate or both

I peel back the ferns and fl(e)sh a thigh,

look now this:

viva voracious

gloriosa post-pollution


when you rip a bloom off the scaffold

it’s only a minor injury and


anyway, what is dignity to a bog,


a bevy of dragon flies over

inscrutable froth



the sun casts veils on the pure and fickle


but what does it mean

to solicit flesh apathy f(r)eshapathy


Flesh and apathy on display for crows



Stone-lined silueta at a crossroad, brisk

lemon-rind-twist of departure


before you can even get to the section

with Articles of the Afterlife



Cattleya tigrina

is mouthless and mottled,

musky and mottled


if you salvage all its

thick clots


you can make a parrot

or many of them


polyamorous, hybrid



I give up concern

I press all buttons available


antennae toggle air for

the most basic sentences


as sky becomes more and more vibrant


losing its distinguishing marks


nothing like skin as an alibi

nothing like

desire, a dart

at the heart of what’s wrong


by Lilian Dube // featuring artwork from Alicia Krawchuk 

Lilian Dube

I am a Ukrainian-born, Zimbabwean-raised writer and teacher currently based in Hong Kong. I graduated in 2015 from the University of Chicago where I studied English and won the Elsie Filippi Memorial Prize for poetry.