Let Your Life Speak

I’m taking a vow of silence. I’ve already said too much, and far too little. That is always the case. In extending my arms out to reach you, I’ve pushed you further away. I’ve known all the right things to say, careful to play intricate symphonies with my words. Still I’ve said nothing. All My efforts fall short at best.
I`ve never told you how I deceived you into believing I am more than what I am, to cope with feeling less than adequate.
I never told you how I preferred the loneliness because it was safe.
I never told you what it is like to crave being used, just to feel useful.
I never told you how disgusted I was with who I saw in my dusty mirror before I fell in love with a reflection in the lake.
Never about how much pain had I paid for before pleasure came free.
I may have mentioned my feats but never what it’s like to fall prey to them.
I still don’t know that if you hear those things, you’ll really hear me.

So my lips are sealed. I’ll quiet down the noise of my mouth to make way for sounds of the soul, the language of passion. I’m going to let my life speak.

Amid all the noise of the dead that surround you, there is a strong orchestra of quiet in every purposeful work. Humility and hard work are powerful vibrations of silence.

Every message loud and lucid, and in every deed, you will hear it all.
In fear of being misunderstood my life will proclaim all that I am sure of, and all that will stay unknown and where they become wed.
Every step I’ll take I’ll mean it. There’s room for you on the road.
“What can be said at all can be said clearly, and what we cannot talk about we must pass over in silence.” -Ludwig Wittgenstein .


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