Like a Bird


Like birds in flight we hover over the world. Landing briefly on a whim before taking off with the same haste. No time to build a nest, and no desire to. Thinking surely this must be freedom. Protesting the bondage of commitment.

02Taking a moment to look around, we’d see that we have traveled a long way from home. We find ourselves lost in a social climate that harbours allergens for commitment. It’s seen in the mess we made of love, dreams, and religion for instance. Ambivalence has become our strong hold, and unbelief is the new belief.

Commit to something. Take a stand, or fall. The world can only know the magnitude of your strength when they see that you do not sway. Without commitment there is no excellence. Commitment births discipline, and only through discipline do we actualize what we aspire to achieve. What better definition is there of whom we are than what we aspire to? Freud says, ” Man is only as strong as the idea he commits to.”


Our commitaphobia comes from avoiding the hurt from its failure. Commitment, like sitting in a sauna, quietly and continuously, drains our emotional pockets. We invest ourselves in what we commit to, we can’t help it. Don’t let that bring you anxiety, instead understand that threat of pain is what gives it significance.  Like holding on to someone’s hand as they hang over a cliff, the power in the act comes from the understanding that at any time you may let go. Life knows no greater satisfaction than that of finding a home in the struggle. Finding peace in the fight. Crying out, “I have your hand, and I will never let it go.” The poets and the band call this sort of thing “love,” and let’s face it, we need that shit.


Don’t be misled. Commitment is not stationary, it is progressive. It is a constant affirmation that although you can find a million reason to let go, you never will.


by @sledain

featuring photography from @_mayfleurs !

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