Living requires bravery

Certainties are rare in our world and some would even argue that the only truths are axiomatic, which essentially means that there’s technically no such thing as truth since everything is based upon an a priori assumption. Such a statement has many implications, but its purpose is to evince that we live in a world of review. This is especially true of our age, which seems to be established on foundations of Godless existentialism. Religious answers that have so long been taken on the basis of faith have been discarded, and we now seek for certainty through science. But such certainty is proving illusive since science cannot tell us how to live. If it could it would have by now.

It is not surprising then that many people bow to the will of the cultural establishment they were born into and neglect their freedom of thought. These people deal with challenges to their belief through psychological repression and would rather despise the source of the challenge than face an inconvenient truth. Who can blame them though? Freedom can be terrifying. Mapping your own way through life can be difficult and requires a lot of strength.

Enjoying freedom requires sacrifice and it takes bravery to make that sacrifice. It requires that we have courage in huge amounts. It takes bravery to start the process and it will be needed every step along the way.

We must be brave enough to look at truths we don’t want to see. We must have the courage to do what’s right, to challenge our beliefs and throw away our false assumptions. No great and meaningful thing was ever done without bravery and like all other human qualities worth having, being brave will take practice. So we should start being brave in the smallest of our dealings and then grow from strength to strength. 


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