Misery & Co | Art Walk Meditation

Walk-through Meditation 

This guide will help you to take a mindful art walk a meditation on experiencing art through the body.

Throughout this walk, pay close attention to your body. Stop or ease up if you experience any sort of discomfort. Keep your walking strides gentle, smooth, and relaxed. 

Now let’s prepare for your walk. 

Take a deep breath then lower your arms, and shake them gently to shake out the tension.

Gently stretch any areas that feel especially tense.

We’ll proceed with our walk when you’re good and ready. We’ll walk comfortably, not too slow, not too fast.

(Pause a little)

Focus your attention on the rhythm of your steps.

Left foot…. right foot…. left…. right….

Allow yourself to fall into this rhythm, allow it to soothe and relax you.

Allow your body to move without any resistance. Feel your body becoming energized as your muscles move. Feel your limbs moving.

As you walk, try focusing all that is present in a non-judgemental way. 

As your attention wanders, direct your focus again to your senses or your footsteps…. one, two, three, four….

Feel the energy move around your body with each step. When each foot touches the ground, feel the energy rising all the way from your feet, up through your legs… your hips… body… arms…. all the way to the top of your head.

Focus on the slight vibration when your foot lands on the ground.

Notice the slight weight shifts that allow you to walk. From heel, to the front of your foot, and then transferring to the heel of the other foot, the front of that foot… back to the first foot…. notice these weight shifts.

Notice the repeating pattern of your steps. Notice that almost imperceptibly the weight shifts from one part of the heel to the next, and the next, and the next…. no part of your feet remains on the ground for long before transferring the weight to another part of your feet. Continuous motion.

Continue your walk.

Imagine the rhythm of your feet…. it is like waves… flowing in and out…. ever repeating….

Allow your breath to flow smoothly, also ever-repeating like waves… in…. and out…. in …. out…..

Hear the sounds of the music playing…. listening to the rhythms and the beats. Notice all the repeated patterns…pay attention to the smooth cycle of rhythms…

Turn your attention now to your visual surroundings. Take inventory of the environment around you… take in all the diverse colours. Find a piece on the wall and dwell on it for a bit … try to reserve any judgment…. notice what you feel in your body…

Place the snack in your mouth…notice the flavours and textures. Seek flavours you may have not tasted before. 

Feel the paint brush in your hand….trace the lines and curves that comprise the art piece.

Focus on tapping into these senses as you walk around for the next few moments.


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