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Dammit. For God’s sake, fall in love with yourself—and not in the douchebag bro way—but honestly and truly love yourself. Also, allow yourself to fall in love with something new every day even if it doesn’t or can’t love you back. YOU will feel something and that’s all you need to concern yourself with. Love unconditionally. Don’t let the bitter world shrink your heart and mind because it will if given the slightest opportunity.

10915281_1600738326828413_6021477124839347353_nFall in love with music. Find that song that gets you so excited you almost pee yourself when you hear it (but that might just be me). Fall in love with the fact that you have the ability to love continuously – it’s still there, trust me. Stay naive. Forget about your circumstances whether it be good or shitty, and see every day as a new lesson. Follow through with every decision with an open mind and try not to look back. If you do decide to look back, which is what your first instinct will be, look back with the biggest smile on your face because you were strong enough to make your own choices.


Look up to children as your inspiration. They don’t have a care in the damn world, except maybe who’s gonna wipe their ass. They don’t define themselves by social class, race, abilities or disabilities – just as long as you have a wicked show and tell for them. They don’t give a shit about Instagram followers, the newest iPhone, or how drunk you got last night at the bar just like you’ve been doing for the past 4 years. As adults, we tend to look and talk down to the youngsters yet we envy the fact that they are so carefree. The irony is that as adults, we have the free will to do as we please. They have everything decided for them without even understanding why but they go about their days smiling all the time. So where did we lose this carefree ability? We lost it alongside our compassion and the ability to not have our “smarter than us” phones in our hands. Put it down. Look up. Smile at everything and every one. Travel. Love and keep loving.

This is exactly what every social scientist has been talking about even before technology came into the picture – when they say “Use it or Lose it”. All of our social skills are still DeathtoStock5there, we just need to tap into and use them. Live your life without the mindset of “How cool would this look on Instagram? #likeforlike”. Fuck your hashtag. Do things without any expectation of something in return. Do new things to keep your heart beating. Do everything to make yourself happy.

I get it, you have responsibilities but that shouldn’t force you to compromise your happiness. We’re always told to hope for the best but expect the worst so we’re not disappointed. Why not expect the best? When did we all become Debbie Downers? I’m constantly being reminded by others that I am a naive child because I always give people the benefit of the doubt and see the good in them. Well, if that’s my worst flaw then I will take it with my favourite bottle of wine.



By Alexis Jamil

Artwork by karmasama 

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