Opt out

On the rare occasion a good word really hits home and jostles us a bit. They tend to haunt us in quiet reflection especially. The one I want to share with you was said with such a heaviness, it was almost palpable.

“We live in an age where we throw things away more readily than we take the time to fix them.”

Like dogs chasing cars down a street, introducing more options into our lives finds us running after this elusive this thing that we have no use for, even if it were caught.  Straining to obtain what we cannot carry.

If for a moment we stepped back to take a deeper look into our love for “things”, we would see the superfluous spending and religious consumerism that hold us hostage. There was such a day, I’ve heard, where people wore shoes till their soles turned atheist.


We have tainted and bastardized so many things that were once so pure. Maybe we’ve reached a time where we need to strongly consider taking a trip back towards our future. Towards a past where people had the fortitude to stand by and invest themselves into what they were given. A true grit so to speak.

Maybe this is why we feel so empty while complaining that our plates are too full. Our mental space is so overcrowded by trinkets and disposable items that we have left very little capacity to hold on to things of substance. We are overfed and undernourished, spiritually, emotionally, and physically obese. Financially and morally bankrupt.


What scares me is how debilitating  that ignorance can be. We are oblivious to how this mentality covers all facets of our lives, our relationships with other people being the most dispiriting.  Choice can shatter all the structures of honour and loyalty that we have laboured so hard to build. Look at the current state of marriage, friendship, and community for example.

The philosophy of “having options” seeps down from our heads and poisons our hearts.  The motto of our age is, “if it’s not working the way I want, I’m going to get rid of it.”

While the world stays seated and indifferent, we will depend on the few elect to take a stand. Who realize their beliefs and choose  to go down with the ship, no longer jumping overboard when stormy seas come.  Opting out of the options.


Wherever your heart resides, whether family, career, or peace, love will be a battlefield. Hold on and fight, may flight no longer be a choice.

Make a better you, a better world, the only option.

// Featuring photography from Wellington Sanipe


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