Don’t get lost in your story.  Others will resent you.  Don’t take some outside onlooker perspective on your life.  Try not to see things as if you are some character in a novel to which some great literary phenomenon such as hubris occurs, as if you are so removed from the scene. Lose that fantastical view and claim the wheel of your life. It’s far too easy to submit to believing forces beyond your control are manipulating the events of your life. Be the actor, be the doer, and come to terms the responsibility of being who you are. This is a gift more precious than gold, and much rarer. Claim this gift. In taking ownership you will give it ceaseless value.

This is not the same as removing yourself from any outside aid, believing you are entirely self-sufficient. Owning this cardinal step will include seeking the help of others not exempt you from it. People require people, because people can inspire people. This is taking the initiative to lead your life. (Insert cliché phrases such as follow your heart, live the life you love). These are constant reminders from the dreamers. They all say the same thing, own it if you want it. If you want the good life, own it. Ownership is a commitment. Lose yourself and fully commit to THE story, and find yourself there.

Your struggle is not who you are, it is a reminder of who you are not. Do not submit to it, it will unexpectedly consume you like a weekend virus. You’ll quickly lose sight of what you are and what you could be. In our haste we try to nest our fragility in a cloak of empathy from letting ourselves and others think we are a prey of this great “struggle”. Deciding that we are but tragic heroes who could not overcome what was beyond our locus of control. I promise you the only tragedy, is choosing to be tragic. Giving up. Instead orchestrate your view to be that of a conqueror. The conqueror instead of finding excuses found solutions, even if they were unsuccessful. The conqueror makes a commitment unto death. Let the world make you a martyr not a casualty. Dying in the name of an idea or belief you are fully committed to, is no death, because the idea never dies.

Today your challenge is to take the blame for every unfavorable event that occurs to you. For the next 24 hours if you’re either late for work, caught saying something lame out of shyness, get angry at someone’s ignorance or hit your funny bone, own these events. Plan on doing better. Feel the power.


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