The Underground Issue #3


Volume 03 – Etre Magazine

The Underground Magazine is our attempt to unearth what lies beneath surface appearances and examine their roots. How low can you go?

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In this piece, we navigate through the tunnels of a metaphorical subways system. Through this ride, you’ll look at The Underground through movement and motion, what it means to transverse life below the surface and to rise. You’ll then see The Underground through the lens of surface appearance, hidden thoughts, and emotions. Finally, we find ourselves in underground culture in its many contours and vectors. We hope that the intentional arrangement of moments in this piece empowers you to see that your Darkside is the very foundation of the light in your life.

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We are a creative hub urging you to fall in love with the fullness of who you are, a platform for introspection through all types of artistry. In essence, then, we press towards capturing the shared experience of the human condition with the appropriate blend of charm and raw honesty, offering ourselves and our subscribers a new way to conceive of and appreciate the richness of life, including even its tragedies.