To Remain Silent Issue #1


Through finely curated  stories, essays, poems, and art, this is a timely, creative reflection on the topic of silence or the lack thereof.

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In the magazine, the “Glossary of Loneliness” puts words to facets of despair that we’ve all felt before, but lacked the vocabulary to articulate. Theo Gould uses the power of photography to create an ethnography of silence through the eyes of his subjects, whilst Shantell Martin talks to us about what it takes to stay in control in a world that can often feel deafening.

We believe now, more than ever, there are sufficient occasions for us to exercise our right to stand firm and say “nah”. And frankly, the reason why you’re here, is because you do too. Even though you’ve been hiding your true self in search of acceptance, we see you, and we’re talking directly to you, meeting you right where you are.

Where we’ve graduated from just a cool idea into a deep psychological stirring is in the creation and sharing of this piece, To Remain Silent the magazine. It is time you stopped hiding your authentic self in the metaphorical back pocket of your life.

To Remain Silent, with its careful blend of writing and visual art brings us into the collision between silence and sound.


We invite you to lean into the ambiguity and absurdity with us as we navigate through the spaces of that which is often left unsaid.




We are a creative hub urging you to fall in love with the fullness of who you are, a platform for introspection through all types of artistry. In essence, then, we press towards capturing the shared experience of the human condition with the appropriate blend of charm and raw honesty, offering ourselves and our subscribers a new way to conceive of and appreciate the richness of life, including even its tragedies.