Reasons Why I Left


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Number One: You never looked at me like that.


Number Two: You looked at my friend like that.


Number Three: We watched my favourite movie and you texted the whole time. I kept looking over at you, wanting you to understand why it mattered to me. It was John Hughes. Show some respect.


Number Four: The second the movie was over you put the phone down and put your hand up my shirt. Touching was something you could pay attention to. Talking, not so much.


Number Five: You have a favourite fedora.


Number Six: You don’t like my mom.


Number Seven: It was midnight, we were by the water. I stripped off my dress and asked if you wanted to go for a swim with me. You said “maybe another time.” You were never up for anything.



Number Eight: You smoke pot more than you laugh. It makes you boring.


Number Nine: You talk to your little sister like shit.


Number Ten: You hate Stevie Nicks. And my pet rat named Stevie Nicks. They are both my true loves by the way.


Number Eleven: I told you my dog died and you said: “That sucks.”


Number Twelve: I was afraid to dance at a bar, but you convinced me and I did. Afterward, you told me I looked awkward.


Number Thirteen: You said you were sorry and I trusted you. Then you did it again and it broke my heart worse than the first time.


Number Fourteen: I framed our picture and you never hung it up. It was that one of us at the concert when you gave me that ring. I thought it meant something. But nothing means anything to you.


Number Fifteen: I said, ” I love you” and you said, “…Yeah, you too. Not, “I love you too.” Just, “…Yeah, you too.”


Number Sixteen: I knew you were lying.


Number Seventeen: And I didn’t care.


By Ashley Foy // Artwork by @MurjArt 



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