Another rose turned your head,

As she peddled into full bloom.

Her sweet, delicate loving pulled you in,

That colourful disposition swelled you up

In heaps of her fragile layers.

Scratching a sacred whirlpool,

Falling headlong to sweet nectar of our heart.

Lead The WaydrownLead The Way

She hooked you with her thorns,

And pinned your skin.

You bled in quiet nights

Of half empty bottles,

Blistering lyrics,

And soft awakenings.

Reeled in by fragile petals,

And pricked at your very soul.

You were reeling.


Even the pain somehow addictive,

Made the softness that much sweeter,

Made you want to delve her that little bit more.

Shake those petals free,

And dig her back to her root,

Where you could chance a look,

Where you could cut those thorns,

Where it was all smooth and all goodness.


Or even if you could clear out

Those wild weeds from around her,

Hacking at the earth and tugging at their roots.

Ploughing at the earth itself

For one more moment of beauty.

Until scattered compost

And a petalless, loveless, writhing stalk

Struggled then sunk into your hand in submission.

There you stood, stroking its remains,

In a wilderness world.

by Kirstin Maguire |Art by Michael Dallacosta | Featured image by Økuntakinte


Kirstin Maguire

Kirstin Maguire, Londoner, has been published in numerous anthologies and collections, including Every Day Poems, The Guardian, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, I am not a silent poet and Cannon Poets. Since graduating with a Drama BA in 2006, she has worked as Artist, Facilitator, Project Manager and Company Director on numerous projects across London, exploring the role of arts in promoting well-being, rehabilitation and social change with a wide range of community groups. She is also working on further collections and is available for commissions.