As I walk around I see empty biological shells consumed in loquacious tennis matches. All around me I see people talking so effortlessly, so superfluously. I am rarely treated with the opportunity to witness people taking the pains to really speak. These select few appear to me as a shiny coin on a pavement in summer. They never notice my presence. They are too drunk with the power of the dance between souls.  With them I see the satisfaction of hearts that were aching to receive the caress of a good word. There is no medium greater than language to convey what we really are. It is thus baffling to see how rarely we choose to indulge in the art form.

I believe our tendency to shy away from that intimacy through conversation is due to how real conversation can become. We understand that this honesty has the potential to leave us wide open. It could serve as a consented autopsy into the raw emotions we so desperately want to keep hidden.  Falling prey to the comforting idea that we need to keep ourselves hidden, by chance they see weakness. This flawed perspective hinders us from seeing that, ironically only through weakness, can others see your strength. True dominance is not free from weakness, it is free through weakness.  A person who makes beauty marks of their scars.

Little did you know, you contained life’s most efficacious ointment, and you always have.  A good conversation can provide healing even to the most torn and battered. It is the kind of connection that is far beyond the tongue and the ears.  In truth a good conversation is not heard, it’s felt. It’s warm and refreshing, removed from time.

You were never meant to carry the weight of your burdens on your own. If you try, you will only impede your progress on your journey inward.

Take some time and go out with a friend or some friends, and say something real. Surprise yourself, cleanse yourself. 




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