A Star Followed Me Home Tonight


a star followed me home tonight. i said, turn around, go back to where you are from. go back, back you dumb star you. don’t you hear me? turn around and return to your sky. you do not belong. it is still ugly down here, and the people still are sad.

tell me dumb star, is that
what you want? go,
go far away. he only blinked.

i said to him, fine, you ridiculous
dumb thing, you ridiculously dumb
and stupid star, you may stay. you
are ugly and sad like the people here. you’ll fit right in, you sad, ugly thing.


and that night the star collapsed
and oh how it was, my words cannot describe how it was to watch, a
once ruby, relentless blue illuminate but never twinkle, not once, how true that star always was. i wished
to shower it’s shinning ash
around the sphere’s core but the
sun said,
no not here. it is too ugly, it is too sad. that night the sky was empty.


by Jo M Salivate      |     Artwork by Jangle Rainer     |      Featured image by Økuntakinte

Jo Salvati

Jo is a New York based poet at Syracuse University. "don't leave holes in your poetry you'll drown."