etre is committed to publishing content of the highest quality. We look for poetry, creative stories, essays and works of art/photographs surrounding the topics of existentialism, introspection, psychology, philosophy, and reflection of the rich, emotional complexities of the human condition.

Submissions will be considered for publication on some or all of our formats, including but not limited to, online at, social media outlets, or live events.

Please take a moment to read through previous submissions at before submitting work, so that you can see the type of material we aim to publish.

Pieces must be original work. They do not, however, need to be written exclusively for Eternal Remedy.

Creative Writing

Stories are typically 400 – 1000 words in length.


Poems are typically 150-300 word in length.


Non-fiction pieces are usually between 700 and 1500 words.

Paintings, Photographs or Other Artwork

Pictures of art based on the above mentioned themes are welcomed as well.

*NEW — Magazine Submissions 

In addition to our online journal we also publish a bi-annual print magazine. Each magazine is centred around a specific theme, with the theme of our next issue being “The Underground.” Find out more about writing for our magazine here: Magazine Brief.

Submission Process

Work can be submitted to

Note: Selected pieces are processed in order of submission. They undergo an editing process where suggestions are provided and returned to be included at the discretion of the writer.  Additionally, before release, the literary pieces enter a content curation process where they are coupled with select artwork submissions.