Take Care

For those of you who think life is a gift, those who believe that there is a beauty to consciousness.You are no stranger to what it is like to sell yourself. We do it everyday, we constantly affirm our value and defend our worth. Relationships are the investments rendering happiness a measure of your bank account of well being.

Although it bears its delights, this the greatest of all gifts, is not exempt from its costs. You are made responsible for  its four aspects. Taking care of your mind, your body, your heart and your soul. All we have is all we have. You can do no more. This is all there is to know, all else is irrelevant. You are the only truth, your subjectivity. Life is never the what, but it is the how.

Because our beings are so profoundly influenced by our social interactions, how well we handle these responsibilities is paramount.  The individual must strive to do better for the group to do better. If you expect more from others, be more. All that you are and do, dictates all that there is, and is done. There is no movement without cause. We are each other’s cause.  If you do better with each one of your responsibilities you are being the best you can be. Simple. You have the whole wide world in your hands.

Stop worrying about the things beyond your control. To understand your gift is to see wholly that all things are within your control. Put your best product forward. Before you set about doing anything, take care of yourself. If there is one thing you find important to invest in, what better than yourself?

This week look towards your well being. Go to the gym, get a massage, dress well for no reason, or read more posts. Be the best you. 


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