The Debriefing

All things created must be subject to the four faces of Almighty God—Creation, Sustenance, Destruction and Rest. From the microscopic atom to the gigantic Earth; all are subject.

The Earth’s Phase of Destruction had only just completed; Earth was completely destroyed, there was not a living thing left upon the face of the planet. As the Almighty swung His Face of Destruction away from Earth to focus upon another planet, HE summoned HIS Lord of Destruction who sits on HIS left:-

“I am glorified. My Face of Rest is about to soothe, the Earth and heal her wounds; and give you one thousand years of well-deserved rest. But each phase must end with a debriefing:-

“Almighty, you commanded me to destroy Earth, by the actions of Man. Man was made Caretaker of the Earth; so all I did was reprogram Man to believe he was sustaining when in fact he was destroying.




“At first Man resisted because he was of one mind—hermaphrodite; so I divided him into two genders to guarantee cleaving, but with conflict of minds. Since the division took place during (Evening) the Phase of Sustenance, when light and darkness was in equilibrium on Earth; male Man came under influence of light and womb Man under my influence. Man dwelled in an egalitarian society then because your Face of Sustenance kept him balanced.

“Then Evening darkened into Night—the Phase of Destruction, when Earth was mine to do with as I please.

“To foster the perpetual conflict of minds, I placed the womb Man– the bearer and nurturer of the offspring, the one endowed with Earth Wisdom; in subjection to male Man. By playing that masterstroke, I planted the virus of inequality which evidently mutated and became the catalyst for the destruction of Earth.”


by John S. Lewis  |            Featuring photography from Mayuri Paranthahan          |         feature photo by Jonathan Chape 




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