The Etre Art Club

We believe that the journey toward a fulfilling life starts with a choice.

The choice is between seeing your life as fixed and seeing it as open and full of possibility.

When your life is seen as a wide expanse of potential, you can make daily choices to realize what you’re capable of and begin actively creating yourself. A practice that has profound and lasting benefits.

In otherwords, the good life starts with creative practice.

Yet, we tend to put off our creative passions for other obligations and duties.

In light of this, we’re so proud to announce we’re launching The Etre Art Club which will support our mission to hold space for creative practice and community-based experiences that support psychological wellbeing. 

The Etre Art Club will be an inclusive space free for all regardless of artistic”talent” or “skill”. The purpose of the club is to provide a space for anyone who has an interest in exploring the benefits of artistic practice and in setting aside time to explore that interest.


  • We’ll provide and hold space for the following :
    • Writers workshop
    • Writing prompts
    • Sketch and Illustration projects
    • Art project planning
    • A glimpse into the Eternal Remedy curatorial process

*Due to venue constraints, we won’t be permitting painting or art projects that can be deemed to be “messy”.

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We are a creative hub urging you to fall in love with the fullness of who you are, a platform for introspection through all types of artistry. In essence, then, we press towards capturing the shared experience of the human condition with the appropriate blend of charm and raw honesty, offering ourselves and our subscribers a new way to conceive of and appreciate the richness of life, including even its tragedies.