*The New Normal*

Most modern humans were forced into a New Normal by the virus. Amongst the evil energies that the virus spread were: fear, confusion, social distancing (a new term), mass vaccination (forced entry by the State). An ambiguous panic swept over society. No Being quite grasped the severity of the circumstance— the audacity of the times, the weight of this social situation. The society behaved as instructed or, ‘mended’, to do. The State as the shaper/maker, the citizens as the prima-materia for the new future.

The evolution of the Plastic World has been predicted before in many forms and texts. Many ancient and recent versions of reality include this virus. In this Plastic World every environment and ecosystem is altered to fit a rigid way of mankind (a “kind” of man). There is no room for nature here, as nature has been transfigured in Plastic to conform with mankind. The ancients predict the origins and nature of the virus as well as its natural intentions. World domination, to divide and conquer, is the natural intention of the virus. The infections it leaves in its wake are just residue of war. This above all of us. This virus does not care to  infect the  citizens, but rather to infect the society. An infected society must be replaced by a new one. The new and “improved” society will be calcified, plastic and inorganic. It will include many mandatory invasions of human ethics and choice. Through the covert vibrational measures of: Fear, Confusion, Disillusion, Misinformation, Sterilization, and Martial Command. The virus is meant to cement the era of Plasticity. 

Any sense of who has say-so is pervaded by the virus. Misinformation & truth contort into one. Democracy and dictatorship are replaced by an artificial intelligence. Family replaced with State — a community based on social standings. 

Our newfound aspirations can  easily be taken out on those around us. We exert our misguided desires upon them and drain all the resources in their communities. We will demonize and fetishize those same communities. We will sterilize them, totally plasticize their culture, and effectively castrate their generations. We will have sound reasons and sexy strategies on why we should consume and control them. After we consume them we’ll be sure to only keep the angelic parts. The demon bits turn to shit. “Consume others,” will be a central mantra of the cure of the virus. 

In some respects, the virus is the acceleration that was coming one way or another. It was inevitable. Years of bull-markets across industries and ideologies. We upped the level of everything. We attempted to maximize every moment (profit), squeeze every drop (greed), and take every route that was fastest (shortcuts/cheating). The bull-market mentality was all chase, no brakes (breaks)—- we were bound to crash.

So yea, this Acceleration was coming.Whether by the bells of time or the bricks of a broken neck. 

A new blood, coursing through our old age veins. From this discourse, we will emerge as new beasts. Through the fires of our dysfunction, we have forged an opportunity to take the planet forward. Those of us who are Lovers of Life and of Being can use the Acceleration as our ship into a world where we can Be. The physical distance that the virus desires can be met with psychological unity and belief in one another. We see glimpses of our ability to coagulate power in protests across the world for better Black life. We see glimpses in our local communities that are unifying financial and intellectual resources to create new programs and platforms for education and expression of the youth. We see glimpses in the restructuring of social values and business ethics around the Earth. And on a higher plane, we see the true Beings of the planet fed up with a Plastic/Artificial reality and reaching toward a Harmonious one. The time is now to shift our focus from Fear and apathy to Love and valor. If we the Beings can accelerate towards Harmony on Earth, we can defeat the Plastic disease.   

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by Rich Audu | Artwork by Paul Christopher

Rich Audu