The Story of Your Birth

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Instead, let’s meet in a coffee shop and lick each other’s wounds. Let us visit the mall and run to the $9.99 rack. Purchase the pain away. Let’s go online and post. A few likes away from love.

I hate you. Everyone hates you. We’d rather see you fall than happier than us. To fall as we have and join us sprawling about the bottom. Panicked, scrambling in search of that moment of security, when our broken worlds are fixed. Mindlessly searching to satisfy the thirsts. Drink it all in.

And as the hangover greets us in the morning before the one that spent the night does, as they lay there asleep,  we remember your story of triumph. You feel so removed from us. Too far away.

So we take up rifle and arms and aim at your wings. We watch with grins, and the final feathers flutter down and you rejoin us below, where everyone else is suffering too.

…UNLESS. Cruel foe. You rise instead..


When our bullets sized as words, garnished as pleasantries, rip at your flesh, you instead collect all your glorious bones. You rise, born anew.

Forgetting the myth of your limits. The cage of your skin. And when we call you human, it’s no longer a prisoner’s sentencing.

There you’ve escaped our world. The world of prior proof, and observable experience. The comfort of things already known and understood. Desire melts it all away. You break free from the box, free from mold they tried to capture you in, and you are liquefied into what you are, your essence. In this place, and only here, you will be free.Graphic 3

There is a revolution, quietly looming inside of you. Can you feel it?

When was the last time you felt strong? Like you were boundless, capable?

The feeling  of “flying above”.

What you overcame, was it not something further than you, heavier than you, wider?

As your broke through, was it not an orgasm, a surrender?

Your strength was forged from your pain, fear, failure. When brick by brick you pieced your life together, created yourself from the nothingness.

The light gets its power from the dark. To gain is to have first been without.

All the opposition raining down resistance on you is the very thing that will posit your

success.Graphic 2

Treat it like your mother, it’s giving birth to you.


by Stephan Ledain


photo by Yasmin Al-Samarrai

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