The Stranger in the Mirror

I looked in the mirror today. I saw a stranger, a little boy. A boy who thinks flying is the least of his worries. Quickly I had to look away because I’ve never been so ashamed.  How quickly I’d forgotten who that boy was. In that same misdeed, I’d forgotten myself.  He is no kin to deterrence. No rain, no fire, no heaven, no hell would hinder his zeal. The boy is immune to reality’s poisons, and I murdered him.

All this time I had justified my insomnia with the forcefulness of stress in my life. Until serendipity struck and now truth comes crashing down and my eyes are wide open. It wasn’t the anxiety that rendered me sleepless. It was my fear of falling asleep, my fear of dreaming. I hope you can’t relate.

Dreams are scary. They are so much bigger than us. They choose you in the dark.  They develop into an insatiable hunger that is whet with time. You have a choice; you can live with them and go through agony until you are quenched. A quenching that is complete rapture, the kind only heaven knows. Or you can kill them.   Bear in mind, the ghosts of your dead dreams will walk this earth as long as you do.

If you are like me, and want to rekindle your tie with the child in the mirror, now is the time. Stop excusing your weakness as eloquently as you do by telling yourself that following your heart is not that simple. All that is asked of you is to do all that you can. The accomplishment of your dreams is at the end of the road taken with faith and hard work.  You are there too, waiting at the end line. Everything you have ever wished to be, fully and wholly.

I will never forsake you or that boy again. Today, right now, I’m letting you know there’s no turning back for me.  I will go down with this ship.  There is room in this ocean for all of you too, if you dare.

Tonight ask yourself what you did today to find your dream. Do this tomorrow, and until the day you need not ask. 


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