There are “difficults” among us

Occasionally we’re led in to the company of people we desperately want to eschew. They annoy us to the last placid fibre. A great part of our misery and discontent SEEMS to be due to behaviour. We hate what they do, we hate who they are, and we curse them for making our hearts heavy, for making our cross laden backs saliently heavier. Prayers are sent up and wishes are made for their destruction or at least their removal, but they’re not answered, our wishes are not granted. Our lives are still plagued. We’re out of ideas and frustrated. A great number of us will retaliate and worsen the situation, while another great number will cower into their shells, forced to live in quiet desperation. While a select few will figure the simple solution.

At the risk of sounding boringly trite, the answer is simply LOVE. Not crazy, stupid love, but practical love. If we decide to let love and wisdom guide us around said “difficults” (that’s my little name for difficult people) we’ll realize that these people offer a valuable opportunity for us to learn and grow. I admit that it will be a little difficult especially because we feel like we’re being weak if we pander to someone whose only task in life is to make ours difficult, but it is actually the opposite. It takes a strong person to love regular people. So, intuitively, it takes an even stronger person to love the “difficults.”

It’s a little easier to love them when we realize that they’re just as much a burden to themselves as they are to us. We have to spend a few hours of the day with them but they have to spend their entire lives with themselves. Realizing this can make our hate turn to pity. It’s easier to love someone or something that we pity.

Love them wholly and be it in a month or a year, you’ll start to witness a miracle. I won’t tell you what it is, but suspect that it’s not difficult to unearth.

The following posts will offer more on what love is, and let me assure it is not what most people think it is. It has very little to do with pleasant feelings although it can produce them, but more on than later on…

This week, find your “difficult” or “difficults” and a let love guide you around such.

  1. “It’s easy to love someone or something that we pity.” ..I couldn’t disagree more. It’s easy to SYMPATHIZE with someone or something that we pity. Big difference. Love doesn’t come from feelings of pity, sympathy does. If you think about it, when you feel bad about someone/something, especially a “difficult,” that’s all it is: you sympathizing with an individual you take no initiative to help. However, to be, show, or act of love would be NOT to pity them, but to take the initiative to help them grow. Choose your words wisely. One misplaced word makes the difference; written and in action.

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