This Much I Know

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I cannot say I know very much when it comes to love.

Only what I have gleaned from those around me.

In the faces and hands of random strangers,

Tucked away in hidden corners,

Of cafes, bookstores and libraries.


I see it in a child with his favourite teddy,

Tattered at his fuzz and seams,

Stitched together with hugs and band aids.

I see it in the creased edges of a book,

Whose pages have been turned a thousand times,

And whose spine relinquishes as soon as it is set down to rest.


I see it in a favourite mug stained with litres of coffee and tea,

Chipped and cracked around the base and the handle.

Love isn’t found in extravagant gestures and in booming tones.

It is found in the soft muttering of lovers,

In the whispering hum of a lullaby.

It can be hidden in the loop of routine,

Scattered in the little details that say more than words ever could.



by C.A. Elizabeth | featuring artwork by Jennifer Lauren(1st) and Krystal Fu(2nd) 


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C.A. Elizabeth

These are the humble musings of a shy little poet.