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We’re going to die. Life is a brawling march towards this conclusion, and it is deridingly unapologetic about that. The simplest empiricism suggests that death is common denominator of all life with no regard for species, health or age. It’s coming for us, though it hasn’t said when. We’re aware that it is and we’re impressed with it, aroused by its inescapability. Not a novel word has been said yet, nevertheless, for some, these reflections have a somber hue, and many find them scary and depressing. But I’m impressed with death differently. I don’t find it sad or frightening, at least not anymore; instead, it’s my most potent source of inspiration. I give all that I am to the hope that my death will be the crown of a life well lived; the last punctuation in what was a delightful book – a page-turner replete with all the laughter, charity, and peace of mind that life will permit.

Yes, quite commonly, I court imaginations of that last hour and what I’ll do to make it a time of proud reflection. In so doing, I am called to a life of infinite improvement. It’s an existence of letting go of all that would oppose a life well lived. Who knew that thinking about death would have its rewards? Such is the nature of irony that what is thoughtlessly perceived as unendingly dull has turned out to be a source of strength. But who can blame the person that still thinks of death negatively? After all looks still have the power to deceive.

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Since thoughts of death are the subsistence of my liveliness, I will not hesitate to recommend them to anybody. May such thoughts be like a strict but loving parent urging the thinker to lay aside all unnecessary strife, and press to towards the attainment of the best self possible. May the thinker perpetually keep them in mind, and may they serve him/her as well as they have served me.


by Mark Hutchinson //

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