To Remain Silent (free e-book)


Now more than ever, we think it’s important to understand and develop a vocabulary to describe our isolation and loneliness. This is to suggest that when we can call our struggles by name, we can find ways to address and deal with them. To Remain Silent, with its specially curated blend of art and literature, helps us do just that. It was created to provide a glimpse of our inner reality in a way that can only be done through art. Thus it encourages us to do by asking us to fully lean into the experience of isolation and separateness.

Especially relevant, is the magazine’s “Glossary of Loneliness”, a selection of neologisms for emotions that we have all felt at one point or another, but may have lacked the language to express. Through this shared lexicon we believe there is an opportunity to inspire a unique discussion around topics that are often marginalized, unidentified or relegated to only very private exploration.

In the magazine, Shantell Martin, one of New York’s most prominent artists, talks to us about what it takes to stay in control in a world that can often feel deafening, and Theo Gould, one of London’s emerging creatives, uses the power of photography to create an ethnography of silence through the eyes of his subjects.

We encourage you, then, to partake in quiet self exploration and find out what it means to you To Remain Silent.

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