Wolf In Sheep’s Clothes


To believe that a woman cannot just want sex is a fallacy.

I am woman,

And I just want sex.

But men,

Men do not see it this way.

Men believe, as a woman, I am putting up a front.

A means to appear cool, calm, and collected.

A hunting ground can turn nesting ground when wool is placed over my animal eyes

How else can I word “I only want to fuck” for a man to understand?

Because I only want the sweat and claw marks and howls born under the moonlight

I only want to watch your eyes roll back as you whimper my name.
I only want to watch you quiver with every roll of my tongue.

I only want to feel your body convulse under my small frame and my powerful hips.

Because the hunt is fun but the kill is much more satisfying.


But these men,

These men enclose their hands around my neck with such softness.

These men promise to ravish me into the morning light.

But I’m left dodging a goodnight kiss at my front door.

These men may be good with words but actions rarely follow.

These men have permission to utilize my body in any way we may both find pleasure.

But seldom know what it is to satisfy a beast.

See, these men will lead me astray from my primal instincts.

Only to find I am much more animal than meets the eye.

yellow moon


These men scurry to the bushes, tail between legs.

This is a message to all future sheep foolish enough to dance with a wolf.

You are merely prey,

Nothing more, nothing less.

Never again will I be swayed with soft hands and sweet eyes.

Never again will I allow myself to be trapped in a cage.

Never again will I trim my claws or soften my snarl.

I was born only for the hunt.

My blood lust is unrivalled.

Watch as I lick my fingers dry.


By Jay Diamonique | Artwork by Kira Leigh  | Featured image by Kristin Soh

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